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廖婧,TED英文讲演| 发明美好的七条规律,send

演说者:Stefan Sagmeister




I spent the best part of last year working on a documentary about my own happiness -- trying to see if I can actually train my mind 69tangin a particular way, like I can train my陶成德 body, so I can end up with an improved feeling of overall well-being.

上一年,我把最夸姣的韶光用于制造一部关于我自己廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,send的夸姣的纪录片。来试试,我是否能用一种特别办法来练习我的大脑,就像锻炼身体相同,然后让我能够感觉到一种发明出来的夸姣。

Then this January, my mother died, and pursuing a film like that just seemed the last thing that was interesting to me. So in a 九趣英语very typical, silly designer fashion, after years worth of work, pretty much all I have to show for it are the titles for the film.(Music)


They were sti妻欲ll done when I was on sabbatical with my company in Indonesia. We can see the first part here was designed here by pigs. It was a little bit too funky, and we wanted a more feminine point of view and employed a duck who did it in a much more fitting way -- fashion.

他们仍然在发明,当我和我的朋友们在印度尼西亚度假的时分,咱们能够看到榜首部分是由猪规划的,它的滋味有点臭,咱们还需求一些女人的观念,所以咱们雇了一只鸭子,它用更恰当的办法完结了创廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,send作--时髦。

My studio in Bali was only 10 minutes away from a monkey forest, and monkeys, of course, a超神学院之新的圣战2re supposed to be the happiest of all animals. So we trained them to be able to do three separate words, to lay out them properly. You can see, there still is a little bit of a legibility problem there.


The serif is not really in place. So of course, what you don't do properly yourself is never deemed done really. So this is us climbing onto the trees and putting it up over the Sayan Valley in Indonesia.


In that year, what I did do a lot was look at all sorts of surveys, looking at a lot of data on this subject. And it turns out that men and women report very, very similar levels of happin老干妈遭泄密ess. This is a very quick 福察皇后overview of all the studies that I looked at. That climate plays no role.


That if you live in the best climate, in San Diego in the United States, or in the shittiest climate, in Buffalo, New York, you are going to be just as happy in either place. If you make more than 50,000 bucks a year in the U.S., any salary increase you're going to experience will have only a tiny, tiny influence on your overall well-being.


Black people are just as happy as white people are. If you're old or young it doesn't really make a difference. If you're ugly or if you're really, really good-looking it makes no difference whatsoever. You will adapt to it and get used to it. If you have manageable health problems it doesn't really matter.


Now this does matter. So now the woman on the right is actually much happier than the guy on the left -- meaning that, if you have a lot of friends, and you have meaningful friendships, that does make a lot of difference. As well as being married -- you are likely to be much happier than if you are single.


A fellow TED speaker, Jonathan Haidt, came up with this beautiful little analogy between the conscious and the unconscious mind. He says that the conscious mind is this tiny rider on this giant elephant, the unconscious.


And the rider thinks that he can tell the elephant what to do, but the elephant really has his own ideas. If I look at my own life, I'm born in 1962 in Austria. If I would have been born a hundred years earlier, the big decisions in my life would have been made for me -- meaning I would have stayed in the town that I was born in;


I would have very much likely entered the same profession that my dad did; and I would have very much likely married a woman that my mom had selected. I, of course, and all of us, are very much in charge of these big decisions in our lives. We live where we want to be --


at least in the West. We become what we really are interested in. We choose our own profession, and we choose our own partners. And so it's quite surprising that many of us let our unconscious influence those decisions in ways that we are not quite aware of.


If you look at the statistics and you see that the guy called George, when he decides on where he wants to live -- is it Florida or North Dakota? -- he goes and lives in Georgia. And if you look at a guy called Dennis, when he decides what to become --

假如你看一下数据,你会发现一个叫做乔治的人,当他决议他期望住在廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,send哪时,佛罗里达仍是北达科他?他住在了佐治亚。假如你看一个叫丹尼斯的人,但他决议做什么作业的时分,

is it a lawyer, or does he want to become a doctor or a teacher? -- best chance is that he wants to become a dentist. And if Paula decid写真艺术es should she marry Joe or Jack, somehow Paul sounds the most interesting.


And so even if we make those very important decisions for very silly reasons, it remains statistically true that there are more Georges living in Georgia and there are more Dennises becoming dentists an廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,sendd there are more Paulas who are married to Paul than statistically viable.


Now I, of course, thought, "Well this is American data," and I thought, "Well, those silly Americans. They get influenced by things that they're not aware of. This is just completely ridiculous." Then, of course, I looked at my mom and my dad --


Karolina and Karl, and grandmom and granddad, Josefine and Josef. So I am looking still for a Stephanie. I'll figure something out.


If I make this whole thing a little bit more personal and see what makes me happy as a designer, the easiest answer, of course, is do more of tsquirterhe stuff that I like to do and much less of the stuff that I don't like to do --


for which it would be helpful to know what it is that I actually do like to do. I'm a big list maker, so I came up with a list. One of them is to think without pressure. This is a project we're working on right now with a very healthy deadline. It's a book on culture, and, as you can see, culture is rapidly drifting around.


Doing things like I'm doing right now -- traveling to Cannes. The example I have here is a chair that came ou杨丽菁老公t of the year in Bali -- clearly influenced by local manufacturing and culture, not being stuck behind a single computer screen all day long and be here and there. Quite consciously, design projects that need an incredible amount of various techniques, just basically to fight straightforward adapt廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,sendation.


Being close to the content -- that's the content really is close to my heart. This is a bus, or vehicle, for a charity, for an NGO that wants to double the education budget in the United States -- carefully designed, so, by two inches, it still clears highway overpasses.


Having end results -- things that come back from the printer well, like this little business card for an animation company called Sideshow on lenticular foils. Working on projects that actually have visible impacts, like a book for a deceased German artist whose widow came to us with the requirement to make her late husb富土康质检员张全蛋and famous.


it just came out six months ago, and it's getting unbelievable traction right now in Germany. And I think that his widow is going to be very successful on her quest.And lately, to be involved in projects where I know about 50 p胸的相片ercent of the project technique-wise and the other 50 percent would be new.


So in this case, it's an outside projection for Singapore on these giant Times Square-like screens. And I of course knew stuff, as a designer, about typography, even though we worked with those animals not so successfully. But I didn't quite know all that much about movement or film.


And from that point of view we turned it廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,send into a lovely project. But also because the content wa廖婧,TED英文演说| 发明夸姣的七条规则,sends very close. In this case, "Keeping a Diary Supports Personal Development" -- I've been keeping a diary since I was 12.


And I've found that it influenced my life and 王艳的老公王志才work in a very intriguing way. In this case also because it's part of one of the many sentiments that we build the whole series on -- that all the sentiments originally had come out of the diary.Thank you so much.